2016: Be Bold

2016: Be Bold

By Reno Rafly

The article was originally posted on LinkedIn.

2015 was a very exciting year in business and entrepreneurship. WSJ reported 2015 as one of the biggest mergers & acquisitions in history (second to 2007), which accumulated to $4.3 trillion transactions. Companies realized they can be stronger together with the right partnerships.

Of course, the downside of this is there will be a lot of redundancies, especially on the talent resources on the support functions. This year, we will see a lot of layoffs coming from the new emerged companies, which could mean there will be a surge in the talent market.

On the talent side, it’s probably a good time to polish up those resumes and brush up on the interviewing skills. Review your plan for 2016, which include attending networking and conference events that could potentially lead you to better opportunities.

On the employer side, this is the time where you review your talent needs and see where you can leverage your branding in social media announcing you’re hiring. Quickly secure opportunities to meet talent that are thinking of moving to the next opportunity and see whether you have the best fit. Posting your open jobs online and hoping to get the best candidates will not get you one. Be proactive and seek them first.

For those of you who are thinking of starting your own venture, think no more. Resources from thinking, selling, branding to marketing are available through different partners such as the SBA.gov. Other resources provide platforms, from incubators to co-working spaces, that would allow you to work together and share spaces (and ideas) with like-minded entrepreneurs.

This is the year to BE BOLD. This is the year to finally execute those goals and ideas and seek those opportunities that you’ve been thinking about for a long time. We are in the information age where you can solidly plan a communication and learning goal. Use your smartphones and gadgets to your advantage in working mobile and get connected with aspiring business leaders and budding entrepreneurs. Learn as much as you can from them. Use their lessons learned to jumpstart your goals.

Aim high. We, especially women, tend to sell ourselves short. Women will not apply jobs in which they would not think they’re 100% qualified. Women tend to downplay their accomplishments by mentioning the “luck” factor as oppose to their own skills and perseverance (which unfortunately contributes to a bigger gap in gender inequality in leadership roles and compensation). Trust me. I am one of them.

I can’t count how many chances and opportunities were lost in the past because I did not dare to ask and thought people would recognize my skills and effort if I worked hard enough. Yup. That did not go that far. I learned the hard way.

So, this year I am challenging you (& myself) to BE BOLD. Let’s push away our own insecurities and reach out to the things we really want to do with no preservations. Let’s celebrate our successes and let no failure be a barrier. Let’s create a strong support system in our community.

It’s time to own your future.